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    Post  psychoticbarber on Mon Oct 19, 2009 1:33 am

    Another character-related discussion topic (I do love my characters, haha). This isn't quite the way the topic title sounds. I'm not asking about the toughest character you've ever had, or the longest you've ever played a character, but what I want to know is what character that you created has endured the longest in your mind, memory, and imagination?

    I'll give you mine to start. One summer while up at camp, a number of us who were already friends realized that there were a bunch of nerds on staff at the church camp this year, and we could probably do some gaming.

    This is an Anglican (Episcopelian, for you Americans) camp, so we weren't in danger of being told to stop by the director, who viewed this she viewed any collaborative hobby with story-telling as its hub (she's a story-teller, haha).

    Myself, being the most experienced gamer and most desiring to make it all work, fell into the role of GM for the summer. I had a very clever plot as well: The characters, a group of adventurers at high level, were in the midst of hunting down a Wizard in his home when all of a sudden the environment around them changed.

    What had happened, though they didn't know it yet, was that the Wizard had travelled back in time and changed the past, thus changing the present the party was in. Smart wizard, right? So, long before the party's time, in the new past, the Wizard overreaches himself and gets himself sealed in a ring.

    What's amusing to me is that I don't remember the name I originally gave the Wizard. What I do remember is the name he told the party when they found the ring and he decided to lead them on the wildest of goose chases: Martin Pale.

    Martin played on the party's fractured nature. Though he spun the lie to almost all the party, he told the truth to the halfling thief who nobody trusted, because not only would the party refuse to believe him, they would see the thief as paranoid and possibly insane.

    It was at this point that I discovered the most important part of this character: His brilliant manipulativeness. As you can in see my signature quote (which isn't a direct quote of anything in-game, but just the kind of thing Martin might say), he was very adept at using the perceptions of others to his own advantage.

    Martin Pale was such a strong character in my mind that he consistently pops up in other games, always slightly different, always filling a slightly different role, but always evil, always a wizard, and always a master manipulator.

    Who is the most enduring character in your mind?

    "Why would I control you with so clumsy a method as that? I control what you see, what you hear, and what you know. You are already mine."
    --Martin Pale

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