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    Bardic Talents
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    Post  lordrahvin on Fri Oct 16, 2009 5:57 am

    The bards of mideival ireland were master poets and entertainers who were taught in special bardic colleges and they performed music and poetry for the service of irish kings. In celtic and modern fantasy literature, they are often portrayed as traveling entertainers, minstrels, learned wise men, and magicians who dress in flamboyant colors and insist on embracing the merriment of life. They travel freely and are welcome in almost all societies. They bring news, music, stories, and wisdom to all the lands they visit.

    Our community follows a somewhat bardic theme, with the various members of the community being entertainers, performers, musicians, poets, etc. When you first join the forums, you're given the rank of Apprentice, and you steadily move up the ranks as you participate, eventually becoming the Master Bard.

    In addition, to add a little customized flair to your online persona, you can participate in our "character sheet" system. Character Sheets are useful for our forum RPGs and other games, but also to advertise your "bardic talents". There are three Bardic Talents that members can possess: Art, Music, and Lore. These are a fun and convenient way to express your interests. Each of these talents are measured from levels 0 through 10.

    Character sheets do not get generated or changed automatically.

    To get a character sheet added to your profile, you must request one in the welcome area. When you request a character sheet, you are allowed to specify your levels in each talent . Apprentices get 10 talent levels to divide however they want, and as you progress through the bardic ranks (which happens automatically as you participate in the forum), you will be allowed to add more talent levels.

    A mod must make any and all changes to your character sheet, so you will have to post a message in the welcome area every time you want to make a change or addition.

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