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    New forums and new site features Empty New forums and new site features

    Post  lordrahvin on Sun Oct 25, 2009 11:44 pm

    Over the next few weeks, we will be making some changes to this website. For starters, we're looking into purchasing our domain at www.paragonpub.net (yay!!) and setting up some separate websites that will be embedded into our main site to give us some increased functionality, such as the ability to stream audio and video that we host for our members.

    We will also be looking into new ways to distribute notifications about new features/material on the site, such as RSS feeds, twitter updates, and the like.

    Also, and perhaps most importantly, we may be starting a new forum from scratch using phpbb3. The recent perforamnce issues of forumotion have given us cause for concern, and while they are easy to setup and manage, I feel its important to have more control and to try to build something that is truly ours, from the beginning rather than having to convert everything later when activity builds up.

    I chose phpbb because I have at least somewhat passing familiarity with php (largely due to my experience trying to setup Black Nova Traders sometime back), and because I feel there is likely to be more public (free) support available for an open source project. My hope is that we can find pre-made modules that can do most of the stuff we want to do already.

    As I'm not too familiar yet with php programming (gotta dust off those programming books), it may take a little while to build up the features list again to include the large selection of smileys, online map, character sheet, and most importantly, die roller features that forumotion.com has so gracefully provided for us here.

    I ask everyone to be patient as we setup the new forum, and apologize to anyone whose posts end up getting deleted as a result. (The lack of our current ability to migrate [copy stuff over] and backup is one example of why we want our own privately hosted forums...)

    Anyone who knows some nifty feature modules for phpbb3 that they would like thrown in, feel free to let me know. Otherwise, my goal is try to set the new forums up much the same way we've set these up here.

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